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Sagebrush is a full-service specialty contractor committed to providing customers with exceptional service.  Providing the highest level of quality is a goal that is taken very seriously with integrity and a commitment to detail.  Labeled as a Restoration Company our services are not limited to water, fire or storm related disasters. Over the years we have evolved into a specialty contractor with a deep background in environmental remediation and emergency services, but our experience goes far beyond that today. We now specialize in many more arenas including the collateral damage as a result of construction defects or building material failure, remediation of regulated and non-regulated materials, demolition both site and interior and General Contracting from the ground up.


Sagebrush operates on values-based principles, integrity is at the top of our values system. One of our values is that we believe our clients should receive the same service that we would expect ourselves. Another value is doing the ‘right-thing’ everytime. We constantly strive to produce the highest quality projects in the most cost-effective manner, eliminating quality control problems that significantly increase cost and can lead to compromise of integrity.




The time lapsed video (below) is a small glimpse of a project that involved a football stadium known as the eighth largest geodesic dome (Ensphere) in the world with a diameter of 440 feet and a cupola towering above 135 feet giving this massive structure more than 8 million cubic feet of space. This dome was flooded during a massive rain storm causing the sports floor to separate from the concrete, ultimately requiring removal of the entire sports floor system. This project was unique, the polyurethane floor system contained mercury which added to the challenges of the restoration efforts required. 

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